Kids Therapy

Personilized Care for Your Child

Children are not mini adults and should not be treated as such. They require theraputic care tailored to fit their developmental needs. Kids therapy starts with a thorough assessment and includes individual therapy, parent training, and school coordination.

Please note that all of the services listed under the "services" tab are also used for children, but are specifically tailored to fit the unique needs of child clients.


There are countless therapeutic children's books available that cover kids' have experienced. These books are often utilized in therapy sessions at specific points.

This process helps children become more aware of their situation and increases self-compassion and problem-solving. It also allows for a certain level of detachment when the problem is a little too difficult for the child to confront head-on.

When a therapeutic book is not available, I will construct a book for the child outside of the session or create a story together. The mere process of creating the story could be incredibly therapeutic and could aide in processing the issues at hand.

Child Centered

Play Therapy

Children are less likely to speak verbally about what they are thinking and feeling. Children naturally express themselves through they act of play.

There are several goals of child centered play therapy:

  • Positive self-concept

  • Self-responsibility

  • Self-directive

  • Self-accepting

  • Self-reliant

  • Self-determined (decision making)

  • Feeling in control

  • More sensative to coping

Expressive Arts

Expressive arts therapies consist of visual arts, drama, music, and other creative outlets. Many children are drawn to specific forms of expressive arts, and are even the most resistant children are eager to participate in one modality.

Using expressive methods allows children to express themselves in a way that feels the most comfortable.

Expressive arts therapies are especially beneficial for children with learning, attentional, and other special needs that often have difficulty articulating themselves verbally. It provides an overall sense of wellbeing and naturally lowers anxiety and stress.